Bring Me the Head of Antony Innis Travers (the Author's Website); the text is set in a white oval within a collage: crossroads, temple at Delphi, lotus, rusted anchor & shackle, katana blade, Möbius strip, stack of books, sailboat at sunset, Underwood typewriter, nautical chart of the Florida Straits, whale flukes, an hourglass in the desert, all on a water background

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The Lee Shore — back cover of the novel: an unrolled scroll with the jacket blurb on it, and a warning label above
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The Lee Shore
Antony Innis Travers

      This is an image of the book’s back cover.   
      We reproduce it here not only to show you what it looks like, but to prove that we did actually put a warning label on. In case you’re having difficulty reading it from the image provided, this is what it says:

WARNING: Preconceived notions
 may be damaged upon opening.

      Fair enough? It doesn’t sum up the book, by any means, but does give you some idea of what you’re getting into. The blurb on the back cover is reproduced next to the Front Cover image (see link, below).

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Alfresco Press is proud to announce the publication of this provocative novel. A work of speculative fiction, which contains elements of magical realism, it somehow combines both through a spiritual earthiness seldom found in either. By defying the constraints of genre and offering the literate reader fresh perspectives, it exemplifies the sort of fiction we wish to publish. (Nevertheless, we felt it incumbent upon us to put a warning label on the back cover: See Further Details, below.)  

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